Joint PD

To strengthen positive impact on student learning, the ATA Local and GHSD continue to partner in a pilot project to enhance teachers’ professional learning opportunities, education, and training. The pilot began in the 2018-2019 school term and runs until June 2023. 

The purpose of this program is to provide professional development and does not cover the cost of materials or equipment. 

Please submit this application form if you would like to apply for these funds. Applications must demonstrate the following:

  • Powerful Learning
  • Impact on teacher growth
  • Impact on student learning
  • Consistency with system goals and initiatives
  • Support of Professional Growth Plans

Opportunities for extending professional growth and development could include:

  • Collaborative work *
  • Graduate work
  • PLCs *
  • Conferences
  • Lesson Studies

This project gives teachers the opportunity to access $120 per year for professional development. Money that isn’t used carries forward each year. If you have not spent any of these PD funds to date, and have been with GHSD since the start of this project in 2018-2019, you have access to $600 or you have access to $120 for each year you have been with the division since 2018-2019.

* Collaborative groups and PLCs can pool their money together to facilitate joint work or to access professional speakers in the area of interest. 

You will be notified directly on the status of your application. If approved, reimbursements are sent directly to your school and if you paid for your PD, the school is to pass along the payment. 

If you have questions or need any support to complete the application form, you can contact the committee members below or any of the instructional coaches;

Andrew Berdahl

Chelsea Berry

Christina Hoover

Jeff Grimsdale