Connections Program

Through collaboration with Alberta Health Services, psychiatric outreach consultation is available to children and youth (ages 2-18) and their caregivers within Golden Hills School Division on a monthly basis in a non-stigmatizing environment.  

The Connections Clinics are held in Strathmore Schools and provide a valuable opportunity for the psychiatrist to meet with the identified students, their caregiver(s)/family, along with members of the student’s educational team (e.g. teacher(s), administrators, school-based counsellors, Family School Community Resource Counsellors and Student Services Consultant) and any relevant community service providers (e.g. Children’s Services, AHS), to develop an integrated assessment and intervention plan that will enable the student to experience greater success at home, in school and within the community.  

A physician must refer the student to the program and they receive a follow-up Consultation letter from the psychiatrist to ensure that the primary physician is able to provide the recommended long-term medical care.

Connection Contacts

A Multidisciplinary Student Health Initiative

Program Coordinator - Deborah Hinds-Nunziata

Psychiatrist - Dr. Joan Besant

Please contact Deborah Hinds-Nunziata with any inquiries regarding the Connections Program at the Division Office at 934-5121 (Extension 2037)

Clinic Location:
Wheatland Elementary School      
220 Brent Blvd.
Strathmore , AB
T1P 1K6

Connections Office:
Golden Hills School Division Office
435A Hwy #1
Strathmore , AB
T1P 1J4