Golden Hills School Board of Trustees are elected representatives who are accountable to the parents and community of the ward they serve. The provincial government delegates to school boards, the responsibility for conducting the affairs of the school jurisdiction. Trustees have the responsibility of ensuring all resident students are provided with an education program consistent with the requirements of the School Act. The School Board exercises its authority through policy, regulations and resolutions approved at public meetings of the board. Residents of Golden Hills School Division are welcome to attend these public meetings.

Trustees are expected to be advocates of a public education system and therefore they champion public education to governments, stakeholders and the public at large. 

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Board Advocacy Poster

Board of Trustees

Chair, Ward 5 - Carseland and Wheatland Crossing

Ward 1 - Three Hills and Trochu Valley

Ward 2 - Acme, Carbon and Linden

Ward 3 - Drumheller

Ward 4 - Strathmore

Ward 4 - Strathmore