Student Services

The Student Services Team, in conjunction with schools, provides appropriate supports and services to meet the needs of diverse learners in Golden Hills School Division within an Inclusive Education Model as mandated by Alberta Education, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Provide and facilitate access to specialized professional services (i.e., assessment and intervention) to ensure students with diverse needs have the guidance, support services and resources they require to be successful in their educational program.
  • Assist in the coordination, implementation and evaluation of Specialized Learning Support Programs and Individualized Program Plans within the school district.
  • Ensure that provincial legislation and jurisdiction policy/ and procedures applicable to Students Services (e.g., Special Education Standards) are implemented.
  • Represent Golden Hills School Division on provincial initiatives. (Action on Inclusion, Regional Collaborative Service Delivery Models.
  • Coordinate and supervise the use of Assistive Technology by students under the Technology for Learning Program.
  • Coordinate and supervise specialized early learning supports, available through Program Unit Funding Grants.
  • Provide assessment and in consultation to English Language Learners as part of English as a Second Language Services.
  • Coordinate and supervise the Family/School/Community Resource Counselling Program.
  • Coordinate and supervise services for First Nations, Metis and Inuit Students (FNMI)
  • Coordinate, supervise and/or support Health and Mental Health Programs/Services, delivered within the school setting.
  • Coordinate and supervise Early Literacy Intervention Program
  • Connections Program
  • Rehabilitative Service, (SP, OT/PT)

Learning Support Programs

Golden Hills School Division believes that the principle of universal design is the starting point for an inclusive public education system whereby the educational needs of the greatest number of students is addressed by providing quality instruction in the common learning environment.

Golden Hills School Division also recognizes the need for a continuum of programs and services to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Within Golden Hills School Division a wide range of specialized learning opportunities are available to serve a broad spectrum of students who have been identified as having unique learning needs such as a learning disability, behavioral/social-emotional, cognitive, physical or sensory challenges, and giftedness.

Targeted Services are developed at individual schools based on their specific needs and available resources.  These programs typically provide small-groups or less often, individualized instruction, that is time limited or part-time, and addresses specific learner outcomes (i.e., literacy, numeracy, social/behavioral development).

Congregated specialized learning environments are also offered to the Kneehill and Wheatland areas.  The focus is on intensive programming for students identified with severe behavioral (GreenZone/Anchor) or developmental (STRIVE program) challenges.

A unique, specialized learning opportunity that is available in several Wheatland area schools is Project H.O.PE.