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Strathmore Bus Stop Locations and Times

Strathmore Route S-1 AM
Strathmore Route S-2 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-2 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-3 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-3 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-4 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-4 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-5 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-5 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-6 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-6 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-7 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-8 Run 1 AM
Strathmore Route S-8 Run 2 AM
Strathmore Route S-9 Run 1 AM

Weather and School Closure

Inclement Weather 

The following Administrative Procedure contains a list of local media. Please check with your child's own school as to the radio stations they advise or check your child's school website for other important information.

AP 131 - Emergency Closing of Schools Inclement Weather

AP 131 Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your child MUST be registered at a school in order to apply for transportation. Please register your child using our Online Registration Form.

Please check our School Locator to identify your child’s designated school.

All students have a designated school that is assigned based on where you live. A “School of Choice” is any school outside of your catchment area.

Transportation funding is only provided by Alberta Education to a student’s designated school. As a parent, you have the right to send your child to any school you wish but it is a parental responsibility to transport your child to that school. GHSD No 75 attempts to support school of choice transportation whenever possible providing there is capacity on the bus..Yard service is NOT provided , however your student may meet  a bus at an existing stop. It is a parent’s responsibility to contact the parent at that stop and obtain their written permission for your child to to meet the bus at their home.  A School of Choice Transportation Request Form must be completed and submitted to the transportation office annually.

Once you child has been assigned to a bus route, you will receive a phone call from your child’s bus operator. The operator will share their phone number, the stop location and pickup and drop off time. At the beginning of the school year, (Sept)  if you have not heard from the operator within 2 - 3 working days, please contact the transportation office.

During the school year please allow us 3 - 4 working days (from the time you register) to assign your child to a bus route.

Yes, providing there is capacity on the bus. Only ONE alternate child care location may be assigned to a student.  A Transportation to Caregiver's Residence Form  must be filled out annually.

Students that live with two different guardians can be assigned to two different busses. Please complete the Shared Custody Transportation Request Form Please be sure to communicate with  your bus operators so that they are aware of schedules, etc. In the event that your regular schedule changes, please complete the Alternate Transportation Request - Shared Custody form

Once you have spoken with your bus operator (NOTE: Students will not be allowed on the bus unless you have spoken with the operator), you will receive information regarding bus stop location, times, bus number and cartoon character assigned to the bus. It is a parental responsibility to provide supervision at the bus stop.

Younger children that are just learning to read may not be able to pick out their bus from the many yellow buses in the bus loop or at the stop. Our busses are assigned cartoon characters so that they may easily identify their bus.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

If your child qualifies for transportation (you live 2.4 km or more from the designated school) and only wishes to use the bus when the weather turns colder (they ride a bike or walk the rest of the time), please register your child for transportation. In order to retain their seat, they MUST ride the bus 2 - 3 times in the month of September to remain on the passenger list.

In the event that a bus is running late or is cancelled you may:

  •  Receive a phone call or text from the bus operator
  •  Receive an automated phone call from School Messenger
  •  Check the GHSD website for Bus Status

The transportation dept. and bus operators will always attempt to make contact with you by phone or text to advise on any service disruptions. Please ensure that all of your contact information is up to date at the school as we share this information with the bus operator. In the event that the bus does not arrive, please have a backup plan in place and discuss this with your child. Plans may vary depending on circumstances (for example inclement weather) Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Check the GHSD web site for Bus Status.

Unfortunately this is not always possible as all busses have stop leave times. In the interest of the safety of students who are waiting at other stops on the run, the bus must leave at its  specified time. Please ensure that your child is at the stop a minimum of 5 minutes before stop leave time.

Please call the school to inform them of your child’s absence.
Please call your bus operator as well so that they are also aware.

Delays can occur from time to time. Please check the Bus Status to see if a delay has been posted. Our dept will contact you by phone or text in the event of a significant delay (15 - 20 mins). If your child is 30 mins or more late, please contact our office.

Unfortunately due to Covid 19, we will not be able to accommodate requests for ride along for the foreseeable future. This will be reviewed as recommendations are made by Alberta Health.

If your child is having a problem on the bus, please speak with the bus operator. Once the operator is aware of the situation if will be addressed. If the situation persists, please contact the Transportation Manager.

The School Bus Operation regulation of the Motor Transport Act deals with items being carried on a school bus, and the drivers are responsible to ensure that the regulation is adhered to. Sports equipment such as skate boards, hockey sticks, curling brooms, and skis are not allowed on the bus. Students must be able to hold all of his/her school items on their lap without them projecting into the aisle or into another student’s space, or may be safely stowed under the seat. This applies to regular bus runs as well as field trips.

Bus operators are always encouraged to develop their on the road driving skills. They participate in ongoing skills training and receive instruction on:  Awareness of Bus Maneuvers, Pivot Points, Mirror Set Up, All Season Driving, and Defensive Driving. Ongoing staff/safety meetings  keep drivers up to date on policies, procedures and new legislation. Operators must successfully complete the Alberta School Bus Safety Endorsement course  ("S" Endorsement) prior to driving a bus with students on board. Bus operators also complete First Aid Training.

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