Instructional Coaches

Who Are We?

Instructional coaches collaborate with teachers and other professionals to help meet the diverse learning needs of students. Within the learning coach model, coaches and teacher’s work together to find ways to ensure that strategic instruction challenges all students to achieve at the highest level possible based on each student’s unique learning abilities.

What Can We Collaborate On?

  • Collaborate in the development and design of learning for our learners of the future
  • Further supporting and developing various district and provincial initiatives.
  • Facilitating learning and fostering innovative thinkers, doers, and connectors.
  • Working collaboratively to engage all learners in achieving their highest levels of academic and personal competencies within a caring, innovative environment.
  • Building deeper capacity and continuing to develop lifelong learners.
  • Further cultivating inclusive practices.
  • Facilitating teacher collaboration and sharing promising practices.
  • Acting as an advocate in building teacher capacity to explore innovative instructional practices through systematic modelling, co-teaching and feedback.
  • Using data and meaningful research to improve instruction and enhance learning.

What Areas Can We Work Together On?

Instructional coaches can work collaboratively with teachers in the following areas:

  • Implementing best practices in Assessment for Learning strategies.
  • Providing support for teachers to further develop inclusive and strategic instructional practices.
  • Serving as a resource for assistive technology support.
  • Integrating technology for use by all students.
  • Connecting and supporting teachers with resources and professional development opportunities.
  • Aiding in the implementation of the new teacher gradebook.
  • Co-planning lessons and/or unit designs.
  • Providing program support for our English Language Learners.
  • Developing classroom management strategies.
  • Co-teaching lessons to help model strategies.

How Can We Access the Coaches?

There is an online request form that can be found on the menu bar above.  This form is completed by the requesting teacher(s) and when it is submitted, it is sent to the instructional coaching team.  One of the coaches will then contact you as soon as possible to setup a date and time for the initial collaboration.  If you have any questions you may email or you call any of the coaches at (403) 934-5121:

Click here for the list of Division Coaches

Or you can call (403) 934-5121