Golden Hills School Division COVID-19 Response

GHSD Guide to Respiratory Illness

Our 2021-2022 Guide for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools plan will always be kept up to date and if there are changes, we will notify families immediately.

Guide for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools

AHS Daily Screening Tool


Our Response to COVID Cases Impacting GHSD Schools

With the number of Covid cases reported across the province, we are finding that community cases that impact schools in our area are not uncommon. As is the case with schools across Alberta, COVID-19 cases have been self-reported amongst students in some of our schools.  We appreciate the information families provide and continue to ask parents to communicate with us at the office if your children are unable to attend school due to illness, whether it is the result of COVID-19 or any other reason. This information is valuable to us and it is important for our school to protect your privacy and we will NOT disclose individual cases or any personal information that may identify individuals who are COVID-19 cases to other members of the school community or to the public.

This year we are monitoring absenteeism and illness at our schools and are working with Alberta Health Services under the Public Health Act to monitor all respiratory illness.  We may be asked to share contact information with AHS for student/staff absenteeism and AHS may contact you if your child is at home ill.  We are also committed to ensuring parents have all the information necessary to make decisions related to their child’s health and well-being. While we do not report on individual cases in school, if we have more than one active case in a classroom we will inform the parents of students in that class.

In order to keep your children safe, our school will:

  • continue to follow all health orders
  • continue with enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces during the day
  • continue regular hand washing and available hand sanitizer
  • continue to monitor illness and absenteeism with AHS
  • contact parents if there is more than one active Covid case in a classroom

We very much appreciate the diligence families have used in continuing to screen daily for symptoms using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist and to keep your children home when they are sick.  We would also like to thank everyone in our school community for keeping us informed about testing and illness. Alberta Health Services will continue to work with school authorities to manage significant numbers of respiratory illnesses in schools. If 10% of the school population is affected by illness, AHS will investigate and may contact parents of absent students to request more information.  If necessary, additional health measures may be added in some of our schools and we will inform parents right away.

Thank you for your continued support.