The FSCRC Program offers support services for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and their families, who may be experiencing a range of challenges at school, at home or in multiple environments. The program may be an extension of existing services, or for those students and their families who are not currently involved with other support agencies. The program offers individual counseling, group counseling and classroom and community presentation. Early intervention and prevention is the focus.

Family School Community Resource Counseling Services are available to children and their families at all schools within the Wheatland area. Please call your designated school or GHSD No.75 office @ 403-934-5121 if you would like to contact the FSCR Counselor.

This program is supported by Calgary and Area Child and Family Services, Golden Hills School Division No. 75, Wheatland FCSS and the Alberta Student Health Initiative.

There is no fee for this service.